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Hola pirinola!

Welcome to my website! Here I share my games, thoughts and random stuff. I update my public diary regularly (in the blog section), but I don't put that on the news below.

I hope you enjoy your stay!


(2024/06/22) New weekly report, fixed missing images in June 2's report.

(2024/06/16) Added global variables to my site generator (I may need them in the future). Added content for mi. Added joke.

(2024/06/02) Added report with stuff from the last two weeks on blog.

(2024/05/21) Updated links and PMD OCs page.

(2024/05/20) Made the site more readable on mobile, still not as good as desktop though. Made icon for links page. Updated my button in the links page.

(2024/05/19) Made some adjustments to my sweet and sour sauce recipe in the blog. Added recipes section to the blog for my sauces.

(2024/05/18) Added content for mi.

(2024/05/12) Added weekly reports to blog page.

(2024/05/07) Moved PMD OCs page to Neocities! You can still find it in Fun Stuff.

(2024/05/05) Removed public diary, it was getting too personal.

(2024/05/01) Added May thoughts.

(2024/04/29) Added more of session 6 to pmd ocs page.

(2024/04/28) Updated the script I use to generate this site so it supports markdown. Added more stories to the pmd ocs page (I should review them one day).

(2024/04/27) Created mi in fun stuff. Added kerpuffle and updated links. Updated background.

(2024/04/14) New age rating button in the footer. New blogposts: "I'm getting better at this sleep stuff" and "Life is a never-ending sequence of intermediate stages".

(2024/03/31) Updated the script I use to generate this website, some css may be broken, I don't know.

(2024/03/24) Added incomplete ideas page.

(2024/03/23) Now the guestbook is being backed up every day so that what happened on November 26th, 2023 never happens again.

(2024/03/17) Moved games and PMD OCs things to Fun Stuff.

(2024/03/10) Worked a bit in the pmd oc page, added "Others" category there. Created a new blogpost about how I learn and improve at skills.

(2024/03/02) Added March thoughts page to blog.

(2024/02/17) Added Riolu illustration to the new pmd ocs page.

(2024/02/15) Added Skittle illustration to the new pmd ocs page.

(2024/02/13) Added more characters to pmd oc's page. Added new game review of Unsighted.

(2024/02/09) Added first version of the new to be improved pmd oc's page.

(2024/02/08) Drew and added social icons to about page, this is a blatant copy of nonkiru.art's page, you should check them out.

(2024/02/07) Fixed some css stuff in the main page and in arcade.

(2024/02/04) Started working on a new page for my games.

(2024/02/01) Added February thoughts to blog. Fixed guestbook... again...

(2024/01/31) Updated About Page, refactored the css of the whole page, added Touch light game yes I forgot how to write these.

(2024/01/27) Updated Landing Page.

(2024/01/13) Added new joke.

(2024/01/09) Added new blog entry.

(2024/01/05) Added Vibes page to my blog.

(2024/01/01) Added captcha to guestbook and deleted spam. Added new blog post of a game I made up. Finished Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review.

(2023/12/15) Added new blogpost about things I wish somebody told me about being an adult.

(2023/12/14) Added Public Diary to the blog tab, I want to put short thougths here.

(2023/12/08) Started working on the chapter 2 transcription of my PMD OC's. Added a new blog entry about my thoughts on technology and being always online.

(2023/11/28) Added new games icon. Polished games page, added instructions and an iframe to Turret Shoot. Added status to about page. Changed font color so it is more legible I think.

(2023/11/26) I broke my server I use to host this site and lost the guestbook messages. I managed to get everything back up in two hours thankfully.

(2023/11/22) Added games page and Turret Shoot Game. Added onlysans to links page

(2023/11/21) Changed the css a little bit, added new image to sticker shrine, added new blogpost.

(2023/11/19) Now I use sass to generate the css (can use color palletes, will be useful if I want to make themes one day). Added new page background. Added games I've previously played to about.

(2023/11/18) Added second half of chapter 1 in pmd ocs lore.

(2023/11/17) Added sticker shrine to blog page. Updated about page. Added first half of chapter 1 in pmd ocs lore.

(2023/11/16) Added cheems to home.

(2023/11/15) Added a second blogpost about food. Fixed wavyfy button bug.

(2023/11/14) Added NinSheetMusic to links page. Updated home and about descriptions. Added comments to guestbook so now I can comment on stuff! IMPLEMENTED HTTPS NOW YOU ARE SAFE MY CHILD!!

(2023/11/13) Added blog page with first blog entry. Added my button to links. Added button that makes text wavy to footer. Added more characters to PMD OC's. Added dming resources for dnd 5e in the links page. Added alt text to header icons.

(2023/11/12) Added jokes page and icon. Made the guestbook functional. Added links page and added a button to the footer. Added PMD OCs page with pooch.

(2023/11/11) Made a basic home page, implemented wavy text, added header icons and about page.

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