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I'm getting better at this sleep stuff

Since I started working I've had a lot of trouble sleeping. I wake up in the middle of the night, stressed out because of a problem I couldn't solve because of work. I started to sleep very poorly, which really just felt bad and left me with little energy during the day.

These last two weeks I've been doing some stuff to address this and it seems to be working. First of all, I downloaded Pokemon Sleep to track my sleep stages and have a group of cute little guys waiting for me when I wake up. And the other thing I started doing is writting stuff I need to do but can't or don't want to do right now.

I downloaded an app called Todoist, it works like a todo-list, but you can schedule points for different days and create recurring events. Now every time I have something I want or need to remember I immediately take out my phone and record it. So when I wake up stressed in the middle of the night I do that.

When a solution to a problem pops into my head I just write it there, when I remember I have to do something the next day I write it there. When I have a cool idea that I don't want to forget, even if I'm not sure if its a good idea I write it there. I have a "Project" in the app where I write down these ideas, with no dates, I don't need to do them, they are just for fun.

And the thing is that it has been working. When I started in Pokemon sleep I could complete like just one sleep cycle per night. A week and a half later I'm doing 3 or 4 sleep cycles per night, doing balanced style usually (When I started it was just dozing and snoozing style).

And also I feel less stressed overall, I don't have to remember things anymore, I just have to remember to check the app periodically. I do my little tasks for the day and after that its just resting time. When I don't know what to do in my free time I check the ideas list, it currently has like 56 ideas! (I may need to organize them soon)

This blogpost was one of those ideas! I wanted to share these things I learn about myself, because maybe some day someone will see this blog entry and it may help them. I have other ideas for blog entries written down, so maybe I'll do them in the future.

So yeah, that's all from me for this blogpost. In short, a thing that helped me not be constantly stressed was to write things down to have less stuff on my mind. Hope it helps you too!

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