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December 2023 Thoughts

December 14


Hey first one of these! Today I broke my kitchen sink, whoops! I was trying to get rid of the rotten smell from it and broke something in the process. I tried using water, vinegar and baking soda and that seemed to work, we have to wait and see.

I'm eating fried rice tonight! :D

December 15


Today I'm celebrating my birthday with some friends and I'm super nervous. I haven't celebrated by birthday in like... 8 years? We're going to a bar with some friends and hang out, I didn't make a reservation but if that goes wrong, the bar is near my apartment so we can hang out there.

Anyways, the smell is gone so that's wonderful news! I hope cooking will be more fun again and less of a chore.


I love my friends



Ok I'm normal again, talked to my friends and decided to hang out a little later. My social battery is also low because I've been talking all day with the door switcher man. Anyways, I still have a plan B if everything goes wrong. I really hope it doesn't though.

December 16


Yesterday night was super fun in the end. A friend gifted me a chikorita origami and its so cute I love it! My social battery has been depleted though, so today is a me-day.

Also the door switcher man helped me fix my kitchen sink yesterday to kill time while the door paint dried. Pretty swell guy.


If cat not baby then WHY CAT BABY WHY??

December 17


Just came back home from voting. Also discovered a new artist on youtube called mastertrapmon, and their animations are so good! I just saw crystalia/CLOUD 9 [PMD animation meme] and I'm now listening to Beach Bunny's entire discography.

Also my account on the melonland forums was just activated. I've never been in a forum before, and also don't consider myself very good at interacting with people online. I guess I'll read the guides and learn on the way.


I made a topic in the board to introduce myself (I hope I'm using those terms right). Also made my about page, I don't know how much I'll use those forums but who knows, I may make some new friends there.

December 18


Today I learned that an artist that makes amazing pmd art I follow is chilean too! I was like "NO FRICKING WAY!", really really cool! The artist is called mastertrapmon go follow them, their stuff is so good.

Also I set up the christmas tree in my home. I don't think I'll get any visits for the rest of december but yeah.

Also also, Happy Birthday Neuvillette Genshin Impact!


Bought christmas gifts today. Kinda tired after that, I don't want to be productive, but I'll force myself to do a little gamedev rn. Supposedly I enjoy that stuff.

December 19


I just packaged the christmas presents. I have presents for my parents, brothers and one for each of my grandparents. Also no news on the job hunting department, it is kinda expected though, most people are on vacation right now so most of them will probably get backto me on january.

I also had a really cool Idea for a videogame today. The game would have two players: an explorer and a hacker.

The idea is that each player needs to work on unlocking things for the other player. The hacker opens doors and moves platforms while the explorer obtains passwords, implants viruses in some terminals or robots and deactivates jammers.

The game would have dungeons and at the end would be some artifact to improve each of the player's gear. New guns and new equipment for the explorer, and new software for the hacker like things to take control over systems faster, new things to take control over, a robot companion for the explorer the hacker controls, new and better UI, etc.

My inspirations are Megaman Legends and Lethal Company. Megaman Legends 1 in particular because of the theme and the kind of dungeons I'm imagining. And Lethal Company because of the strategy of one person stays on the ship and guides the team to victory by using walkie talkies.

December 20


Lately I've been trying to have more of a morning routine than a night routine. The thing is that after 2 weeks trying this out it seems like its not confortable. There's nothing wrong with the routine itself, but it has the problem that there's just too much things that break it.

Many social events in my life happen on friday or saturday night. So I can't have a routine where I should be going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 5-6am if most of my social life happens from 7pm to 1 am. My sleep schedule would get constantly destroyed.

So I'm trying to settle down for a new routine where I wake up at 7am and go to sleep at 10:30 pm. For this routine to work I may need to meditate a lot more, but I think I can manage it. Still, adding excercise to the mix is hard and may need some practice when I'm fully comfortable with the new routine.


OMG I GOT TOP 10 IN THE DAILY SPEEDTYPER.DEV LEADERBOARD!! I tied with like 5 other people with 70 wpm but still! I'm getting closer to my goal of consistent 50 wpm.


Captchas are so difficult now

December 21


Yesterday I realized I can just remake memes I can't find. This opens a whole new world of posibilities.

December 23


I hate being in the middle of stuff.

December 25


I'm analysing my relationships with others. How my friend groups and family make my life better and give me value. I'm trying to figure out what do I enjoy about hanging out with each of them and what necessities do they cover.

I have a theory that I have some social necessities I'm not covering well and want to identify them.

December 26


Just finish pokemon super mystery dungeon, may finish the review one of these days.

December 30


I was talking with some friends in discord, and one of them says things "I better shut up" kind of often. So today I confronted them and asked if they could stop doing that because I feel like they are hurting themselves when they do it. I just don't like when people I love do that because I hate when people hurt my friends.

I hope this makes sense. I think I said it in a nice way to them. I hope things get better.

I think I need a minute to think about this a bit more.

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